[Free] 15 Easy, Lean, Clean LOW CARB VEGO switches... 

Are you vego or vegan? Do you love food and also love the IDEA of never wasting time or energy thinking....

is this ok or
can I get away with this

15 recipes to sculpt a fit, strong, healthy body... that's sustainable for you and the planet.


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Here's what you get:

  1. those 15 delicious recipes. Like nacho's, cannelloni, burger & chips, sushi and my famous healthy addiction: no carb protein pancakes.
  2. What to order when eating out instead of each stodgy-dodgy meal that is not your FIT body friend.. These are the tactics I use to never feel guilty for what I've eaten or deprived or restricted! 
  3. A Bonus 'effective eating strategy'.. 4 questions and the answers that mean you can always make the choices that lead to long term, sustainable HEALTH & body gain. 

About The Author

Hi I’m Kate!
I LOVE food
and also love not ever wasting time or energy thinking “IS THIS OK?” and “Can I get away with this?.” 


I’m pretty keen to NOT spend much time in the kitchen either (ok, to be blunt I’m a lazy cook). I've also been vego for over 20 years and recently, vegan. So with all that in mind please enjoy these: 15 Easy, Lean, Clean LOW CARB VEGO switches for your favourite carbie creations.


Why cut the carbs?


First up, I don’t recommend cutting ALL carbs and trying to enforce 100% carb free meals on yourself... many carbs are super valuable for your body and some in fact can be enjoyed in limitless quantities. 


We’ll get to those FREE CARBS soon.


The carbs to cut are craving causing, body fat storing refined carbs. Like sugar and white flour. The stuff that provides zero value for your body and has been manufactured to be as addictive, as impossible to stop once you start eating as possible. 


Cutting refined carbs out of your day to day eating is the simplest way to shed body fat and keep it off while still enjoying plenty of delicious food in generous quantities that never leave you feeling hungry or deprived.


Since it’s no fun just eliminating something you love - and NOT sustainable - here are 15 delicious alternatives to enjoy instead.

recipes to sculpt the smokin #plantstrong body you feel confident & energized rockin around in 24/7 365 days a year.


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